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We're a full-service insurance agency representing multiple companies, allowing us to shop your rate competitively and get you the lowest price in one stop. We save you time and money while protecting your loved ones and your investment in property. Yes, We Can Do That!™

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We can assist you with automobile insurance, as well as home, life, motorcycles, RV's, boats, ATV's, umbrella policies - pretty much anything you want to insure, we can help. We represent multiple "risk" and "select" companies, in order to offer extremely competitive rates.

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Why wouldn't you carry great insurance coverage? It protects you from loss, which could be catastrophic in some instances. Your life could change forever in an instant without the proper coverage and create an insurmountable financial burden. Plus, for the most part, it's simply the law.

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“I had an accident and a ticket on my record and was embarrassed to admit that when I called. I couldn't believe she answered the call at 8:30pm on a Friday night, but she did! She explained the coverage options to me and within 10 minutes, I was insured! I feel like Saida is someone that truly cared about me.”

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Jean M., Milwaukee

How it all began…

How Drive Home Insurance came to be and why we're here for you.

We recognized there was a tremendous need for an honest and fair insurance advocate that works FOR the people, not against them.  Because accidents do sometimes happen, we realized that this means sometimes bad things happen to good people – and these good people need protection.  They don’t need a hassle, a run-around or to be talked down too.  They need peace of mind that their loved ones and personal property is protected at a fair price.  They need Drive Home Insurance – You need Drive Home Insurance.

Yes we can do that at Drive Home Insurance
Drive Home Insurance

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